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Boys Tornadoes & Hurricanes -

Kindergarten & 1st Grade


Classes are 1 hour, 1 day a week

Boys will learn the basic fundamentals of gymnastics in a non-competitive, fun and exciting environment.  The skills become more challenging and the expectation is higher as the gymnasts progress to the next level.  

Boys Developemental & Accelerated -

2nd Grade & Up


Classes are 1 hour, 1 day a week.

These classes focus on all the men's Olympic events in a non-competitive, adventurous atmosphere.  Boys of all ability levels can thrive as we seperate the boys by ability level.

Boys Team - Red, Green, Blue & Black


Our invitational Boys team program is for boys that accomplished all the skills necessary within the Developmental and Accelerated program. Classes are a longer or multiple times a week and the boys will participate in intramural competitions throughout the year.

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